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MECANISBURGO is the largest Megalopolis of the Western world. It is the capital city of La Union, the Europe of a parallel world where predictions of classic Science Fiction for the twentyfirst century have been successful: Robots, Cyborgs, Humans and Artificial Intelligences live in a world where an extraterrestrial source energy, the Cavorite, has strengthened science and technology during much of the nineteenth and twentieth century. Great aristocratic families, Megacorporations and even nations themselves have merged surprisingly, providing a power struggle in a strange and fascinating universe.The players represent some of these Families / Megacorporations at a time of economic andpolitical crisis: everyone wants to rebuild the future world according to their own interests. As leader of your Megacorporation, you must take your agents, properties and powerful A.I. in the struggle to win the game of power before the celebration of the Millenium Olympic Games.Players must decide which agents from their central office are suitable for each mission, evaluating their negotiation and combat skills and their special abilities, to choose who they will send to the different parts of the megacity. In this way, the various factions will fight each other to get the opportunities and resources that are emerging daily in the largest conurbation in human history.But not everything is easy. Terrorism, interdimensional threats and the social frictions of a complex world can result in the crashing of Megacorporations Major Projects. It is even possible that one of the Megacorporations declares war on the world and threatens to establish a corporate dictatorship, sweeping the last vestiges of democracy.This is a time of great achievements and great risks for humanity.Will old rivals collaborate? Or will the most sordid and violent aspects of a more primitive civilization prevail?

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A Touch of Evil (engl.)
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Tis the dawn of the 19th century, an age of science, superstition, and witchcraft. Howling fills the night as a full moon rises over the small, secluded village of Shadowbrook. Gruesome murders have become a daily occurrence and terror haunts the streets at night. An evil creature has taken up residence here and the countryside is engulfed by a tide of darkness. But all is not lost, not yet.A small group of heroic individuals, with the courage and strength to fight, have arrived in town. Some just passing through while others have come with a purpose, but all will be put to the test as they race to save this cursed town from falling into darkness. It will take a cunning mind and strength of spirit to determine who is friend and who is foe, to solve the mysteries and hunt the beast to its lair. But the secrets of Shadowbrook run deep. Gossip and rumors run rampant and these few Heroes may soon discover that they are outsiders here and this town is already so rotten from within there is little left to save.A Touch of Evil, The Supernatural Game is a fast-paced game of fiendish creatures, dashing Heroes, and high-adventure. Each player takes on the role of a unique monster-hunting Hero, racing against time to stop the forces of darkness from claiming another foothold in the world of man. Only by investigating the town and building your Hero¿s strength can you hope to hunt down the Supernatural Villain to his Lair and defeat him in an epic Showdown. Players can race Competitively to be the first to defeat the Villain and save the town, or they can work together Cooperatively to defeat a much stronger Villain.Featuring a gameboard map of Shadowbrook and its surrounding countryside, eight Heroes to choose from, and four different Supernatural Villains to hunt, each with its own host of unique Minions and powers to drastically change the game. A Touch of Evil is designed to create an adventurous cinematic feel as the story and game unfolds.So grab up your Wooden Stake, stuff some shot in that Musket, and hold onto your Tri-corn Hat, no one is safe from the creatures of the night and no one can be trusted, for inside everyone lies A Touch of Evil.

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Buch - The Bluest of Blues: Anna Atkins and the...
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A picture-book biography of Anna Atkins--the first person to publish a book of photographyA gorgeous picture book biography of botanist and photographer Anna Atkins--the first person to ever publish a book of photographyAfter losing her mother very early in life, Anna Atkins (1799–1871) was raised by her loving father. He gave her a scientific education, which was highly unusual for women and girls in the early 19th century. Fascinated with the plant life around her, Anna became a botanist. She recorded all her findings in detailed illustrations and engravings, until the invention of cyanotype photography in 1842. Anna used this new technology in order to catalogue plant specimens - a true marriage of science and art. In 1843, Anna published the book Photographs of British Algae: Cyanotype Impressions with handwritten text and cyanotype photographs. It is considered the first book of photographs ever published. Weaving together histories of women, science, and art, The Bluest of Blues will inspire young readers to embark on their own journeys of discovery and creativity.´´An amalgamation of fiction and biography, The Bluest of Blues tells the life story of Anne Atkins, botanist and photographer, whose Photographs of British Algae: Cyanotype Impressions is widely regarded as the first book of photographs ever published and provides a diligent survey and classification of British seaweed. Encouraged by her scientist father, Atkins began by drawing specimens before learning to use a camera, and Sir John Herschel introduced her to the cyanotype process, which used sunlight to create blue images. Fiona Robinson reproduces some of these alongside her own delicate, scintillating multimedia illustrations, almost exclusively in shades of blue. Her book celebrates the life and work of a little-known and, it seems, very modest female pioneer whose contributions to science are only just now being recognised.´´ Financial TimesFiona Robinson is the author-illustrator of Ada´s Ideas, Whale Shines, What Animals Really Like, The Useful Moose: A Truthful, Moose-full Tale, and The 3-2-3 Detective Agency. What Animals Really Like received the 2012 Irma Black Award and a starred review from Kirkus. Bank Street named it one of the 2012 Best Children´s Books of the Year and School Library Journal called it ´´sublime silliness.´´ Her work has been honored by the Royal Academy of Arts and has been featured in many gallery shows. She lives with her family in Brooklyn, New York.

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